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Beoplay A1 experiences

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Sarotti22 posted on Sun, Nov 22 2020 11:44 AM


I now have serious concerns about the reliability of the A1 loudspeakers.

I bought my first A1 shortly after it was released and was very satisfied with the sound. So I bought a second A1 to connect it to stereo. Brilliant!!

But then ...

My second A1 suddenly got the familiar problem with switching it on and off. It was exchanged during the guarantee period and works till now. My first A1 got the same problem a little later, unfortunately out of warranty. No goodwill. Scrap metal.

On a Black Friday I bought a new A1 very cheaply again, but found that the bass reproduction was considerably lower compared to the older A1 and that the stereo paring was also very unstable. This A1 suddenly got a rasping bass and is currently either repaired or exchanged at B&O. It can only be exchanged for the new 2nd generation. Unfortunately you cannot pair them with the old A1.

But then the "hope" remains that the previously functioning A1 will also break within the remaining warranty period.

And it is true. The very first A1's had a significant stronger Bass than the newer ones. My first A1 is defect, but works for some Minutes . So I can compare.

Conclusion for me:

Small speakers with excellent sound, but unfortunately only with a limited lifespan. So no more new for me.


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So I have to add this Information:

The A1 with the Bass Issue will be changed to the new A1 2.Gen.

And now:: Today my second old A1 starts the same Probleme with noises on Bass Sounds. When I put it very near to my ear, I can locate the rasping near the leather strips.

So, I've got still warranty and will change it too.


Aussie Michael
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What is the familiar problem of switching it on and off?

I for the first time the other week stereo paired them and now when i try and use them independently they wont and if i try and turn it off, it turns back on. Is that what you mean?

It’s like it is trying to keep looking for the other speaker to stereo pair.

I tried flashing it with the software updater tool but it doesn’t turn off to complete the process.
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