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Beoplay A1 Repair

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joshuamm posted on Fri, Nov 13 2020 7:18 PM

Hey there everyone,

I got a real good bargain for a used Beoplay A1 with a bass problem. According to the owner it fell from about half a meter and since then it has these bass distortions. But because it was only 7 Euros and because I already read about this problem and that it seems to be fixable I thought whatever and bought it. 

These two users decribed the same problem and how to fix it:

So it arrived and  I took it a part and there where some cracks in the plastic chassis, so I superglued them to stop possible air leakage. But that somehow did not stop the problem and as soon as I put it back together the distortions where back. I tried filling the screwholes with glue and cotton but that did nothing either. Luckily I have another A1 so I took both a part and switched the broken plastic part with the intact one from my other A1. Also nothing, as soon as it was screwed back together the noises were back which leads me to my conclusion that the plastic part can't be the reason for the malfunction. 

So my question is if anybody has an idea what else could be the problem? I tested both speaker and they where working wonderfull and as long as the lid isn't fully closed there is no distortion etc. Also, would it be possible to build another housing for the speakers? Like from wood or something? And if so how should I be going on about it? I'm really new to all things considered audio and am not particularly skilled ^^ 

But thank you very much in advance,I'm really looking forward to your answers!

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This is a known problem.. They dont have spare parts for this product, but my guess it could be an electrical fault in the icepower that make the cracking noise. So you need to replace the main chassi, the print board, but because they dont sell spare parts, you need to find an other a1 that have other fault, so you can replace with used spare parts.

 If you fix it will be Nice to hear what it was..


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Same Problem here, but I cannot remember it fell. That said pieces of plastic around the screws were broken.

My personal guess is that the broken plastic is not the issue. The fact that the speaker plays completely distortion free if opened and plays distorted (as if it is a overdriven speaker) makes me think there is mechanically something wrong with the speaker suspension which only becomes a problem when the speaker is in its enclosure when the resonance frequency and amplitude has changed and triggers the audibility of the distortion. 

I have really glued the entire enclosure back with super glue and closed every possible hole with silicone-kit and still the problem persist. 

In my opinion unrepairable and I wonder if the gen 2 has the same risk. I really like this as a small portable speaker.and am reluctant to buy the 2nd gen now. 


nico vercammen
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problem is probably air leak…. try to close all holes with a piece of duct tape or put some silicon in the screw holes. If you play music with some bass you can try to find the leak with your finger

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