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Audio Terminal with Beomaster 7000

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js posted on Mon, Jan 21 2013 2:51 PM

I have the opportunity to acquire an Audio Terminal (the direct predecessor of the Beolink 1000).

Instead of the Beolink 1000's "Picture" and "Sound" buttons, the Audio Terminal has dedicated "Bass", "Treble" and "Balance" buttons. I like the idea of having direct access to the Balance setting with a dedicated button for operation in a Link room.

But the Audio Terminal was designed to work with e.g. Beomaster 5500. Therefore I am not sure that it will work with my Beomaster 7000, which has a different software and is supposed to be controlled with Beolink 1000 (or 7000 of course).

Has anyone ever tested if the Audio Terminal's "Balance" button will work with a Beomaster 7000 from a Link room?

Thanks!  Smile

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