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Beogram 8002 - Success At Last!

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Mr 10Percent
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Hi all, 

Im not sure if Ron from BeoRepairs (near Swansea, UK) reads this forum but he has done a great job refurbishing my old Beogram 8002.

This unit has been in a box for at least 5 years after developing a problem with the track-register and drop mech (my observation). After struggling to find someone who could repair these in the UK, I found BeoRepairs and he pulled the whole thing to bits.

A moment of touch and go as one of the many faults (in previous history, someone else had been doing DIY butchery inside) was a broken track slide guide which positions the pickup arm correctly. These are no longer made and would have been difficult and costly to reproduce. Fortunately, I was lucky to spot one in a "Breakers" shop in Spain of all places. Power of the Interweb.

The unit was fully re-capped, sensors checked, some wiring re-wired and counter-balance fixed and set correctly. MMC5 needs upgrading but the MMC2 is still in v.good order.

Works perfectly now. 



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fantastic news, well done - kudos - I love my 8002 as well 

would you mind to pm me about the chap in Spain who is selling parts for the 8002, there are a few things I really need to get mine back to 100% 




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