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BeoGram 3500 & MMC4 needle question

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Michael posted on Wed, Oct 28 2020 10:33 PM
Not sure if this will be a double thread as I tried to post just now but I didn’t get an email about it being in moderation so I just re write as it seems lost :).

I helped a friend acquire a BeoGram 3500 years ago and now it has started distorting. We believe the needle needs to be replaced. It has a MMC 4 cartridge today and I believe the SMMC4 is the way to go. Probably the cheapest way right? At about 200 dollars it seems reasonable. Is it otherwise worth trying to rebuild the current one? SoundSmith seems not to do it for that model.

What other options is there? Orthofon or something else? I believe he wants the sound to be as it is now and I read that the SMMC4 might be a bit brighter and distinct.

Looking forward to any advice that could benefit him! Thanks :)

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I suggest you have a look at this post entitled Beogram 3500 & MMC4 needle question.  This covers a good discussion of the options available.

Personally, I would recommend the refurbishment route as this will start with an initial examination of your cartridge. The result of this will determine if you refurbish, refurbish and upgrade, or replace.

I, and many others, have used FJS to perform this task although I understand Soundsmith will refurbish some MMC cartridges.

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Dillen replied on Fri, Oct 30 2020 9:17 AM

Seeing as you are in Sweden, I suggest you contact Hans Henrik


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