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MasterLink problem

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Beofar posted on Wed, Oct 28 2020 4:57 PM

Hi everyone,


I'm new to posting on the site, have mostly been lurking so far. I have a problem/issue with my masterlink installation. Up until recently, everything worked fine. My setup is that I'm using my CAT6 in-wall cabling for the masterlink. I have a BeoSound 3000 (option 2) in the kitchen, a BV7-32 (option 2) in the living room and a BeoLink Active with BeoLab 4000 speakers (option 4 since it's in the same room ir-wise as the BV7-32. All used to work great. Now, the BeoLink active just won't work. It switches on briefly when pressing the play button on the ir eye. Sometimes when activated with a Beo4 in link only mode, it switches on briefly just to shuts down again. I've tried replacing the BeoLink active with a BeoLink passive, same result. I've tried a BeoLab 3500, same result. But when trying a BeoLab 2000 speaker, everything works! The masterlink is "joined" in the wiring closet i a lexcom masterlink panel. I've tried swapping cables, swapping which wall outlet is used, all with the same result. The BV and the BeoSound 3000 work just fine, playing sources from each other as well as control. I'm really stumped, hoping someone may have experienced something similar and can give me a hint as to what can try next. Forgot to mention, I tried when the 3500 was connected to go inte the service menu, it said error 2 which should mean data pulled low. But how can that be when the BV and the BS work??


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