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Beocenter2 + Beolab 3500 + non B&O sub (active)

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HHvitman posted on Wed, Oct 28 2020 4:17 PM

I´m looking into bying a used Beocenter 2 (Master and Socket unit) 

I want to use my existing Beolab 3500 as a main speaker and a non B&O sub (Dali, active) in the same room/system.

Can the BC2 send out sound signal through powerlink and masterlink at the same and possible, volume level set by BC2/Beo4

Is it possible than to Connect like this? 

- Beolab 3500 connected with ML cable to BC2 (BL3500 in Option 0 i guess, disable IR or?)

- Connect the sub to the power link connection for the BC2 (din (Bc2) to rca(sub))

- Input sound connected to Aux In (rca)

- Power on BC2 and BL3500 (activated through ML?) with my Beo4

-Main volume to be set by Beo4/BC2

I do have a Beolink 1611 converter also

Should I instead use powerlink split, 1 to 2?from BC2 to:

1x into sub

1x BL3500 via Beolink 1611

Any ideas? :)

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