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Talking B&O

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AD1214N Posted: Sun, Oct 25 2020 12:22 AM

Okay so one of my interests is watches and love hearing the stories of how it all started, that friend or family member who first introduced them to that world, their memory, the catalyst product and subsequent first brought / inherited piece, favourite and latest to the collection and what they wish to add to next and keen to hear all your stories I decided to search to see if this had been asked before but couldn't find so forgive me if it has.

So here's mine to kick the conversation off...

By deduction it was the late 80s and it was my farther, I was just a little boy around five or six when he brought what I now know to be a BeoGram CDX / Beocenter 4000 and Redline speaker setup, to be honest it wasn't then and there I was hooked and couldn't even recall it around that period probably to his relief, it was some years later at the age of nine I was obsessed with a new single in the charts and after a visit to HMV I came home armed with my very first CD that I came in contact with it, was the Shakespear Sisters ~ Stay like watches it was the mechanics that I first noticed, pushing in the tab and the glass lid and tray popping up, the little light, futuristic touch control and the whole perfectly engineered solid feel that I still recall, the discovery of Madness in his collection and playing at volume, the sound quality was unlike nothing else but it wasn't long until I was brought a Sony for my bedroom so the B&O became a special occasion and I don't know what it is but nothing as been able to compare to my memory of the sound not even 90's (Is that something you've also found?) so guess that's what I'm in search of and why it's still B&O today!

So please share your story, why your passion for B&O?

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