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Beovox 1 ceiling mounted speaker fell down after 10 years

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DaedalusX posted on Fri, Oct 23 2020 10:06 PM

So we had a weird occurrence happen at my parents house. They have a few Beovox 1 that were professionally installed in 2010 in the kitchen and living room area and last week one of them literally fell down from the kitchen ceiling to the floor. They're obviously very distraught and are now wondering if the others are at risk. I looked at the manual and the pictures and it does seem like this speaker is being held by 6 small plastic brackets. I don't know much about B&O products so I thought I'd ask here:

1- Is this a fluke or maybe a design flaw ?

2- Could the heat from the kitchen weaken those plastic brackets ?

3- Is there a newer B&O speaker that has the same size footprint but maybe a stronger mounting system that could be used to replaced all the others beovox 1s ?

4- If not, is there maybe a stronger mounting system that could be used instead ?

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Daniel replied on Sat, Oct 24 2020 11:50 PM

Hi, never heard this happen before. Had to check my BV 1’s in the bathroom ceiling where they’ve been for 12 years now. But they sat solid as normal.

It can’t be a heat problem, you need sauna temperature to get any problem. My guess it’s just bad luck with either that speaker or the installation of it.

I don’t think newer models would fit. My suggestion is to check the other speakers with just testing to see if they sits properly and rock steady. If there should be any problem with the clips you would notice it.

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