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full customisation of finish on products

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kawo posted on Fri, Oct 23 2020 5:15 PM

With the 88" Harmony B&O announced the possibility to customize to the finish of some products. Any experience so far with the order process? Limits? Pricing?

I will upgrade my 65" Harmony to 77" and will take the opportunity the change the look of the panels. One idea is to go with silver and smoked oak. However, my favorite would be anodized black with smoked oak. My shop will contact B&O for more details, but hope we can share some insides here as well.

I had the "pleasure" to deal with Porsche in the past for two cars what they call "Exclusive" for their custom tailored service. This was a long and some times painful journey , especially if you want a color with is not on the price list..... so hope B&O is more easy to deal with.

So hope some cool stuff is coming as I see a great opportunity for B&O.

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