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Best passive speakers for a 40W amp?

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Chickene posted on Thu, Oct 15 2020 12:24 PM

Title says it all. Looking for a nice pair of floorstanding speakers that won't sound meek hooked up to my 20WPC 70s Setton receiver. What's the best B&O has to offer here? In Denmark so finding B&O stuff at a decent price isn't an issue.

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Best? Very difficult to answer. Here some good ones:

- "Small-size": Beovox 2200, Beovox S25/30/35,  Beovox 2700/2702

- "Middle-size": Beovox 3700/3702, Beovox S45-2, Beovox S60

- "Big-size": Beovox S75, Beovox 120/120.2, M70/M75

- "Premier-league": Beovox 5700/5702, Beovox M100/M100.2, Beovox M150 / M150.2


Most likely you would be very happy with Beovox S45-2 on the B&O floor stands which would perfectly match your amp rated on 40W.



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Andrew replied on Wed, Oct 21 2020 3:57 PM

I'd go for S-45s or S60 anything bigger and your amp might struggle to power them and deliver a punch. 

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Beovox S 120

Beovox M150

Beovox Redline 7000 / Redline 140



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