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New video - B&O cinema experience

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Sandyb replied on Thu, Oct 8 2020 11:26 AM

Yes, I have a matrixes feeding 2 BVs.

Expensive but very tidy solution.




Correct, only 1 output.



hm I might remember wrongly but there is a solution setup for this kind of solution with Atlona or something at least. I know there is an implementation for the use of a projector in combination with a monitor in beosystem 4, but agreed beosystem 3 is much easier to configure for this. Same goes for some beovision 7 that has an output for a projector via hdmi and a rs232 port for control of it. So it was very widely adopted in the Beovision assortment for many years.



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matador43 replied on Sat, Nov 21 2020 4:02 PM


"Press Pause and Play", that one was very nicely done.

That one is too,

Of course when you know the price tag, it works a little less and It also implies that you can dust off any 4000 from the attic and get it back brand new.
But all in all I think its finely done, in the details, the story, the cinematography and moreover the cast.

It worked very well on me at least!Embarrassed 

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