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Question - Multiple Beosound Essence Remotes

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NickPG posted on Mon, Oct 5 2020 10:07 AM

Hi all,

Quick question...

My setup is as follows,

Living Area - A9 with a wall mounted Essence remote

Study - BeoLab 4000 connected to MK2 Essence with a table Essence remote


When listening to radio stations via TuneIn if I change the station via the remote in one room it also changes it in the other. If I press stop in the one room it also stops in the other? So if I need to take a call in the study and press stop it also stops the feed for my wife working in the Living Area... Not great!

Have I not set this up properly in the B&O app on my phone?

Thanks in advance,


Beoplay A9 MkII, BeoLab 4000, BeoSound Essence MkII

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ngnear replied on Mon, Oct 5 2020 12:12 PM
In the device configuration menu there is a section where the remote controls can be associated with the device. I guess you need to take out the remote that shouldn’t affect the device

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I think the problem is tat you are using NL to join the streams.  If you start a stream in the study and then join in the living are, the streams are linked.  changing tracks changes for both locations; stopping sops for both locations.

If you instead have each doing their own stream (started from the app independently, not using multiroom/"join" feature) then each remote will control only the device paired to that remote.

If you want to keep the stream going for your wife while you answer a call, use the remote to set the volume all the way to 0 while the stream continues, then raise it back up after your call is over.

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I think the problem is tat you are using NL to join the streams.

I agree with laseralex.

The only precision I would like to give is regarding the "stopping stops for both locations" as it depends on what you mean by stopping?

I have a BS1 + Essence Remote, a Core + Essence Remote, both set for Beolink multiroom

I start a TuneIn radio on the BS1, I press start on the Core remote, Core joins the BS1 and play the same TuneIn radio in sync

I press forward/backward on any remote, Tunein station changes for both products

I change the volume on any remote, only the the paired product is impacted

I press stop on any remote, only the paired product is impacted and is effectively muted, not stopped

I press start on the lead speaker (BS1) remote, source changes for both according to local sources defined in the lead speaker

I press start on the member speaker (Core), it leaves the multiroom to either join another running product or to start the first source defined in its local sources

If I stop the music using the App, it stops for both

So back to the OP concern, it should not stop the Living area when you press the stop on the study's remote, unless you long press in which case it will trigger a standby all products and stops the feed for all.

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