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beomaster 3000 (type 2932)

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Struer Posted: Wed, Sep 30 2020 12:44 PM

Hi all,

Bad Beo week.::1

My everyday Beomaster 3000 (type 2932) has now developed a fault. When It’s switched on it jumps very briefly to P5 light and clicks (thumping noise throughs speakers) plus a quick flash on all volume lights, but maybe thats normal? and the two lights beside standby flash. It plays all functions properly, but I can’t trust it to use it as a permanent set up with the rest of the system. When removing the 12 pin connector at (1P4) it alleviates the click/jump from P5, So the problem is either on the tuner board or the supply that goes through 12 pin (1P4)

Thats as far as my diagnosis so far.

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