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Beomaster 2000 (Type: 2801)

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Struer Posted: Wed, Sep 30 2020 12:39 PM

I checked

a Beomaster 2000 (Type: 2801) I had bought a few years ago which was in storage. The previous owner mentioned the heatsinks get hot on the right channel (an issue I’ve read quite a bit on here). I decided to give it a quick test, the left channel seems to function partially, I changed the fuse although the filament did start to expand. The right hums loudly through speaker.

On further inspection I though there was marks on c109 beside IC101. I thought It may have got damaged somehow but didn’t know how. But on closer inspection someone must have burnt it with a soldering iron tip when trying to get at or replace IC101 (I played the left channel briefly though my B&W speakers. The sound was to my ears really full and warm, very impressive).

Looking in more detail I noticed scorching to resisters R44 and R27 at and either green marker on part of the circuit board or perhaps heat stress? The transformers leads are badly soldered too. (On a simpler note he tuner mechanism rail clips Is broken at both end too, so a catalogue of faults in this unit.

Is it worth pursuing or maybe find another which has had less human interactions inside? The cosmetics are good and all bulbs illuminate. There seems to be a lot of tinkering to this unit in the past and I’m not sure it is worth investing time to try to get both channels working properly.

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Dillen replied on Wed, Sep 30 2020 1:57 PM

Fix the overheating problem first; Replace the idle current trimmer and set the idle according to the servicemanual.


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