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BeoSystem 2500 Power Off?

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flashinpan posted on Tue, Sep 29 2020 5:00 PM

I recently obtained a brand new BeoSystem 2500 with remote and mounting bracket. It was still in the box and wrapped in foam paper. Everything seems to work great with in (no wonder) the one question I have is how do you turn the thing off?

I saw a post somewhere that somebody said to press the "stand-by" button. I don't see any stand-by button. When it finishes playing anything, the lights just stay on. I left it even overnight.

So how do you power the thing down?


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The button at the bottom of the Beolink 5000 remote with the red dot (in the mddle of the 3) is the standby button. There may be a similiar button with a red dot on the keypad of the system.

Update - A quick look online shows there is also a standby button on the system and that is the red dot below the mute button.


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