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Amplifier Type HF - (911H44)

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arnarv posted on Sat, Sep 26 2020 10:14 PM

Hi there!

I wanted to get some more insight into this B&O mono amplifier if someone knows more.

What I think I know from Internet searching is that it's from the late 50's and the type # is also 911H44.

Probably 20 years since I got it and it is in working condition. Would like to pass it on to a collector or enthusiast but I have no idea on what it could be worth or where would be the best place to find someone who might be interested in it. 

Can someone help? :)




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I am a B&O collector and I would be happy to buy your amp Smile

Please contact me for the details. Thanks un advace!

Best regards,



Vintage Bang & Olufsen

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