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Beolab 14 + LG OLED

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jabell posted on Sat, Sep 26 2020 8:39 PM

Hi folks,

This is my first post, so please be kind.

I've searched the forums for a solution to my issue, but have not found a solution that I'm satisfied with. Thus, here I am, sharing my dilemma with you fine people. 

I purchased a new LG OLED CX 48" ( that is compatible with WiSA. This would be wonderful if I had a BL17, 18, 19, or 20, but alas, I have a BL 14 with 5 satellites and 1 subwoofer. I do not believe the BL 14 has any wireless capabilities. Therefore, my goal is to find another method to connect the Beolab 14 with my new TV. If possible, I would also like to take advantage of the TV's Dolby Atmos feature.

Please note, I do not have the S8 connection hub. However, given that the TV is very new and has all of the latest features and connections (HDMI Arc, optical, WiSA, etc.), I'm hoping that there is an easier and better way to connect.

Looking forward to your thoughts, and thank you in advanace!








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Welcome to the Beoworld forum.

Please keep in mind that the 14.5 is just a set of speakers.

Since the BL14.5 set only accept analog inputs (5.1), the task will be to get the output of the tv (preferedly via eARC) as these 5.1 analog channels.

Usually you need a preamp with (Dolby +) decoding capacities for this - also an A/V receiver with preouts can be used.

As an example, In this article some of the option one are described :

It will be hard to find a slim A/V processor/preamp, that only offers the job you aim for. Mostly more or less fully fletched A/V receivers are used and are available at a relatively low price.

Note: this functionallity is built-in in every B&O tv/Sound Center per definition.

I am not aware of any ‘easier or better way’ for this!

(Which does not actually mean that there are none).

N.B. With the 14.5.1 set you wil not have an option for Dolby Atmos.....unless you choose a preamp or A/V receiver with Atmos decoding capacity and additional outputs for further speaker for the height channels.

P.S there are several users on the forum, who use an A/V receiver for their non-B&O tv and their Beolab speakers. In case that is the way you will choose, I am sure you can find help here.

Also Steve @ SoundsHeavenly could help you choosing the right cables for that solution.


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