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Beocentre 7000 line out

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GrettBinchleaf posted on Wed, Sep 23 2020 1:19 PM

Hi all.

I'm wanting to get a line out of my beocentre 7000. I'm wanting to send the output via bluetooth or perhaps to an external tape deck. 

I've seen a few places online, including this forum that say you need to connect to the TAPE out on the back. However I think that must be for different model as all I see on mine and the manual is the TAPE IN on the front. 

I have used this with a converter to stream to the beocentre using a RCA to 5 pin din (I think that's what its called)

Will this work also as a tape out?

I haven't had any luck with it so far. Do I need a special cable? 


I haven't been able to track down the user manual for 7000, all the downloads instead link to the schematics. 

The 7002 manual  says you need a special cable with 2 aux plugs ( 670239 DIN - 627024 phono plugs). But I can see the 7002 calls the front connection it has AUX whereas mine says TAPE IN so it might not work. 

It has a headphone out but I guess that's not going to be suitable for what I would like to use it for. 


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Dillen replied on Wed, Sep 23 2020 2:06 PM

The TAPE IN socket at the front is only an input.
And it switches out the internal tapedeck, when something is plugged in here.

If your Beocenter 7000 has a blinding plug called "EXT" or "Line in/out" at the back, you can take a line-out signal from there - but it will not have volume control.


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Nope, I cant see anything on the back like that. 


Strange on mine when I plug into the front tape in, it switches out the tuner, not the tape deck. How odd. 


Sounds like I'm stuck then. 


Thanks for your help.

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