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RJ45 PUC A to 3.5mm female mono jack wiring - anything special?

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ebnrob posted on Tue, Sep 22 2020 3:11 PM

Hi all, I'm about to purchase a b&o to Atlona IR opto-coupler (part #8780312) for IR PUC control at my Atlona matrix - it will connect the beovision 11 PUC out to the Atlona AT-PRO3HDREC receiver box IR input. The opto-coupler end for the TV is 3.5mm mono male jack, so I need to convert this to the BV11's PUC RJ45. B&O sell a ready made cable for this job which is part #6271233, but I'm thinking I can wire this one up myself so long as there's no circuitry in between?
I'm thinking the positive of the 3.5mm mono socket connects to RJ45 pin 5 and negative to Pin 6? Anyone know for sure?

Many thanks,


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Guy replied on Wed, Sep 23 2020 9:20 AM

There's a Dutch thread here with BV11 RJ45 pinout diagrams:

Your thinking appears to be right!

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