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2404 LP Weight question

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telli64 posted on Tue, Sep 22 2020 12:06 AM

Just set up my first B+O. It is a BEOGRAM 2404 and I have a newcomer question.

Is using an LP weight recommended and/or will it effect playback?

It is a 380g Riverstone Audio weight.


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Dillen replied on Tue, Sep 22 2020 7:32 AM

Generally no accessories like that will improve anything in or on any Beogram.
Record weights put a huge stress on the main bearings and may in some decks bottom out the suspension.
Never use antistatic mats either. They ruin the record detection system and mess up the tracking angle. - And they are completely unnecessary.

If your record needs flattening, flatten it somewhere else or throw it away and buy a better one.


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