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Beomaster5/Beosound5 - As if by magic?

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perriama posted on Sat, Sep 19 2020 12:20 PM

Hi Beoworlders,

Had a quick question regarding the remote control of the BM5/BS5?

I currently have a standalone unit (not connected via masterlink) with the usual network connection, power cord, speakers and the BeoSound5 head unit connected. With no separate IR unit attached to the BeoMaster5.

I have a Beo5 remote that has the N.Music function programmed into it. On pressing this function the Beomaster/Beosound5 switch to the N.Music function and I can select playlist etc. from said Beo5.

The configuration of the Beo5 for N.Music was originally for the BeoMedia1 embedded in the tele?

How does this happen? Is there an IR unit built into the BeoSound5? 

Any help much appreciated.


Thanks Andrew

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Steph replied on Sun, Sep 20 2020 7:36 AM

Yes, this is the answer. Nothing magical here. Smile

The BeoSound5 has, like all the BeoSound before (9000, 3000, 3200,...) an IR built in.

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