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ippo posted on Thu, Sep 17 2020 2:12 PM

Hello guys, 

my problem is that i cannot setup the speaker with the application , is giving an error that the ''setup failed could not find the product did you hear a sound etc...''

the led light is turning to white and i can confirm that the speaker is already connected to the wifi (checked through the web setup page & router) & also the speaker is working fine when is connected directly to bluetooth.

Also, using the beotool app i found that  type no: 0000 

                                                                item no : 0000000

                                                                serial no: 00000000

wireless signal quality excellent 

software version: 1.15.18747.182285341

product overview : 1 online 

the important thing is that i cannot finish the setup so i can be able to control treble bass … and of course pairing it for stereo sound.

if anybody has an idea or experiencing of what might be the problem happy to hear 

very frustrated

thanks in advance !



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Hiort replied on Thu, Sep 17 2020 4:36 PM

I recommend a factory reset.

(I´m quite sure that you cannot pair M5 in a stereo setup)





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Ow, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news here but your speaker needs to go back to your dealer for either a change of mainboard or full replacement. I had this exact same problem (“00000000” serial number) with my BeoSound 2 when I purchased it brand new, and my dealer gave me a choice of either waiting for B&O to send them a new mainboard with a correctly programmed serial number or a new speaker.

I opted for the later option.

While you’d imagine that B&O dealers would have the tools to manually key in erroneous product ID’s and serial numbers it is unfortunately not the case; my local dealer did offer to let me take a look at their diagnostics tools and it doesn’t offer any way for them to key in missing serial numbers.

This is not an uncommon problem though, so get in touch with your dealer and they’ll resolve this matter for you.

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