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ML/MCL troubleshooting

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Mico posted on Tue, Sep 15 2020 2:02 PM

Hei all,

I have a BS9000 connected to a MCL network through a ML/MCL converter. The system has been working flawlessly fo years. Suddenly I have lost sound from the left speakers in the link rooms. The speakers (all active) work fine if they are set for right channel, same applies to the commands, audio master follows all ir commands. In the main room everything is fine.

How can I test the converter? I tried to connect passive speakers to the speakerlink socket but did not get any sound. I do not recall that somebody would had faced the same issue. I checked the cables physically, they seem to be ok. Is there a way to test the system from the link rooms?

if the converter is faulty I have two options

1. Get it repaired or buy a replacement

2. Upgrade the system. Any suggestions? ML or any other system that requires new cabling does not sound tempting.


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Honestly, to me it sounds more like a cable issue somewhere in the MCL-chain/boxes.

Have you tried disconnecting one after the other of the link rooms?

But of course I can’t be sure.

Best way to test the converter, is to loan/buy a replacement - they are fairly lowcost - repairing won’t be possible respectively would be too expensive.


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