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Mixing Beosystem 5000 and 5500 units…

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matador43 posted on Mon, Sep 7 2020 11:09 AM

Hi alls,

I own a Beogram CD50 and a Beocord 5000 both working and cosmetically good (and with manuals!Smile)
Even though i didn't like that design/period, I developed a strange feeling about the system and started to look around to complete it, that is and MCP 5000 and a Beomaster 5000. The Beogram is certainly be beyond my reach.

In my search I've crossed lot of full systems more or less working, Lot of the two units I already have and some Beomaster 5000 but faulty and it seems it's not an easy unit to repair.

But I've also found some Beomaster 5500 in my price range and sold as working.

I'd rather complete the system as it was design but if in the end I can't find a good BM5000, here are few questions:

1-Will the CD50 and BC5000 work with am BM5500 (I suspect yes)?
2-Will they work fully? Like remote control, programming etc etc…
3-I believe the BM5500 can be remote controlled with a Beolink 1000. If so, will it pass controls to the older units?
4-It seems the BM5500 has no or few control buttons on the unit: do I need an MCP5500 or would a BL1000 be enough?
5-The aluminum finish looks the same on picture, will they in real? 

Appart from that I may get two MCP5000 with the goal of mixing them to have one working:
B1-Will it work enough to check things like display, keyboard, etc, even with now Beomaster on the other side ?
B2-Will it work with a BM5500 (I suspect no)?

Final note: no need for multiroom feature.

Sorry for the load of questions and thanks in advance for any answer. 

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1. Yes.
2. Yes. Though Beocord 5000 doesn't support TURN because it is not an autoreverse deck.
3. Yes.
4. BL1000 for daily use, MCP for programming and more complex functions.
5. Yes.
B1. Yes.
B2. No. Beomaster 5000 has its own remote language and won't work with BL1000 either.


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Thank you Dillen,

Fast and crystal clear.

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