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Beovision 8 & external speakers

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RTWSeb posted on Wed, Sep 2 2020 4:44 PM

Hi All,

I'm trying to connect my inherited Beovision 8 to my newly bought (entry level) Cambridge Audio amp so that anything playing on the tv will go through the external speakers - in addition to the built in soundbar. I've not had any success.

Can anyone help me understand how to connect and how to configure, in layman's terms -

What cable is needed? I bought a bespoke cable to go from the powerlink socket to standard L & R stereo input (called RCA, I think). I thought this would carry it through, but it could be that I need to setup the tv.

How do I tell the tv through its menu that I want any sound output to include the link to the amplifier - I have tried using the instruction manual but just can't work it out.

Thank you!


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