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Bathroom solution

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1990 posted on Tue, Sep 1 2020 11:22 AM

Hi all,

I'll be moving soon and renovations will start shortly. I'm still in doubt about using KNX or Lutron for control of my systems and eagerly await the Halo launch, but one thing I'd like your advice on: the bathroom speaker.

The bathroom is quite small (5 m2) and features both a shower and a bath. So it can become quite humid. I know Willie is using his M3 in the shower anyway, but what are your preferred solutions?

Anyone with a Celestial in the bathroom? If so, which amp do you use? BeoVox 1 is impossible to find second hand. BeoLab 3500 can be done (I have a NL/ML converter), but I'm worried about the humidity again.

Now is the time to plan all the cabling etc, so please give me some advice!

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In my master bathroom have a Beolab 11 and a pair of Beovox 2.2 in the ceiling powered by two channels of a BeoAmp 16.  I’m using an Essence mk2 as the source.  The audio from the Essence mk2 passes to the Beolab 11 (which has a crossover built in) and then goes to the BeoAmp 16 to power the Beovox 2.2.  This is probably something of an unconventional paring, but it works very well and sounds incredible together.  For completeness, I should mention there is also a 32” Beoply V1 by the tub, but that’s another story.  Frankly, of all the amazing B&O equipment I’m fortunate to have in my home, the system in my master bathroom is easily the most used and probably my favorite.

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ngnear replied on Fri, Sep 11 2020 3:12 PM

It´s quite simple - I just used things that are already in my setup.

Beolink Gateway (using KNX driver), of course an ML/NL converter, M3

Hope this helps...


Thanks for the information.

.Unfortunately the BLGW is no longer made and very rarely appears in the used market.

Another option would be it’s successor the Beoliving Intelligence.

But as the rest of my home automation is based on Z-Wave controlled by Indigo it would need some work to get communication between them working. And to be honest the investment in time and money is probably too high for the expected results.

I am working on a solution to trigger my M5 via the REST-API, but due to other commitments it is on hold at the moment.

Peter Pan
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Hi 1990.

ASW50 x 2 ICEpower modul to 2x BeoVox 2-1.and Cromecast audio.

Regards Peter Pan

L Spad
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Hi there - if you are using indigo a MLGW or BLGW would be fine. The MLGW is available at a good used price these days (I actually have one for sale) and there is an indigo plugin available. Phil developed the first version and I’ve made some developments. You’re welcome to a copy of the plugin if it would help.

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benjnz replied on Thu, May 13 2021 8:06 AM

WOW thanks for the idea. I have a BeoLiving Intelligence, so I'm going to setup the guest bathroom to play music when the light state changes to on (as I already have a hue motion sensor in the room) and get the music to play for say 5 mins Whistle

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