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Stage / LG / Stand user experience

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Fansastic posted on Sat, Aug 29 2020 11:55 AM
Hi all,

Since the new Stage stand I’m considering a replacement of my Horizon and looking for some user experience.

I’m looking into a LG C9/CX/GX 48-55” combo with Stage anthracite on the B&O stand and br1 black.

A few questions come to mind:

- Is there a big difference between the series C9-CX-GX?

- Do the netflix and prime buttons on the br1 work in this setup?

- Can I use the br1 for full tv control (same as on Eclipse/Harmony) or are there limitations?

- Does the LG screen support the Apple TV+ app?

- Any need for a AppeTV 4K or is the combo up to date?

- Does the stage have a alarm function same as BS 1/2?

- When stage is joint in multiroom, does screen turn on and is there any metadata on the screen?

- Overall, can it be considered as a BV Eclipse, apart from the true image sound processing and speaker connection part?

Many thanks for sharing.

BV Harmony 65 / Eclipse 55 / BL 50 / 19 / 18 / BS 2 all brass

BV Horizon 48 / V1 40 / BL 17 / Beoplay S3 all black

V1 / BL 3 / BS Essence MKII / Beoplay A3 all white

BS Moment / BS 3000 / BS 3200 / BL 400 all silver

Headphones / bluetooth speakers / BLC NL-ML / BLGateway

I know…B&O virus has grown on me ! 

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bs206 replied on Tue, Sep 8 2020 7:09 PM

I have the 18/19 combo connect to the TV and BS Moment, Stage is not necessary when I can control a LG with BR1 without stage.

I would expand in future with back surrounds. 

So at the moment I have an 2.1 setup and want to upgrade the tv and later to 5.1 all control by BR1. I think it's impossible.....

I think it's LG/Stage with BR1 or LG/Almando without BR1. 

Stage and 18/19 both connect to tv seems a problem

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