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Beolab humming noise

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HAL230 posted on Fri, Aug 14 2020 9:26 AM

My beosound 3200 is connected to a Beosound Essence and to two Beolab 8000s. After maybe 30 mins a loud humming noise develops. Because the noise is heard in both speakers at the same time I think that the source is not the speakers. I have checked all cables. Any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks.

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Bill Briscoe
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you may have a ground loop. I would suggest checking a few things:

1) use headphones to check the Beosound first, no speakers connected, if ok then

2) use only 1 AC outlet for both the Beosound and 1 speaker only, if ok

3) add the other speaker to the same outlet, use a power strip if needed.


a floating round or a ground loop in your home AC can cause this, plugging into the best AC source can resolve it, reversing the power plug in the AC socket may also help.

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