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Beolab Penta MK1 - Blow Out

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Jamian posted on Mon, Jan 14 2013 5:27 AM


Just acquired a pair of Mk1s - One of the them had been battered in a move (few visible small dents in steel paneling) and the owner said the amp blew when he tried to use it (Using a BC9500. He said it smoked).  Listened with a direct connection (bypassing the amp) and one of the woofers was distorting; decide to take the risk, as they were a great price and I wanted to bring them back to life.

Listening at home with the covers off, from base up: Woofer 1, no sound; woofer 2, very distorted; woofer 3, slight distortion; woofer 4, seams OK.  Could they have all been blown by the amp malfunction?  Would the damage cascade like that?  The slightest touch at certain locations of the cone, or rubber surround, of woofers 2 and 3 result in the grind you would expect from a badly re-foamed speaker; the units on the good speaker seam much more forgiving of this interaction. Any idea how much replacement woofers would cost?  Any chance I can fix them, or are they of any value to a speaker repair expert for spare parts?

I don't think the mid range units and tweeters are damaged; bar the need for mid range re-foaming.

If I can sort out the woofers, I'll re-foam the mid range (I shim) and then figure out what to do with the broken amp.  If I fall in love with them there may be some new capacitors for the filters in the future.

Thanks for the advice,


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