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Beomaster 2400 help

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DeadHeadGirl posted on Sat, Aug 1 2020 2:39 AM

The volume lights and balance lights do not turn on. Everything on the right (Phono through presets) work. The phono and radio play but the volume starts low and jumps up to max volume, which I gather is related to the lights. Otherwise it appears to be in very good condition.

I watched the 
brilliant Beomaster 1900 repair video by "My Mate VINCE" on YT and it looks like I can do the work. But I need to source the light bulbs. Can anyone tell me what I need and where to find them?

Also have a Beogram 3404 so hoping to get this system working again. 

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Correct lamps (lamp kit), capacitor kit, potentiometer repair kit, correct new belt for your Beogram etc..
PM or email me.


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