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Several sources (like a BeoGram) to a BeoSound 9000!?

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Daniel posted on Fri, Jul 31 2020 8:35 PM


To my BS 9000 I’ve connected an AirPort Express for streaming Spotify to my ML system. To the BS9000 I’ve got a pair BL 8000. The ML has some BL 2000, BL 3500 and BeoVox 1. No TV yet, as the ML/NL is too expensive in my opinion. The BV Avant 55 is a stand alone in another room.

SHMBO has mentioned she wants a turntable, and who am I to denying that wish?

I know B&O sadly didn’t give the BeoSound 9000 the ability to control a BeoGram, and also only gave it only one input option (A.Aux).

Is there a way to have more than one source connected to the BeoSound (I’ve also got a Samsung “The Frame” that could benefit from the power of my BeoLab 8000)?

What BeoGram will be the best (sound and look) companion? It will be placed on a nice looking sideboard from the 50’s.

Regards, Daniel

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Not some Master Link goodness which others will hopefully suggest, but...  To get *one* additional component, i.e. a turntable, you could simply swap your Apple AirPort Express for a Sonos Port, which will take a single (line-level) input, but still also supports AirPlay2 & Spotify.  (Note its Spotify Premium support is Connect, not just via AirPlay as you are doing now.)

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If you want to use the Port, do remember to set the line-in port to AutoPlay for being activated, when you start the connected source.

This could also be done with the BeoSound Core - and you would be able to use the optical/digital input port for connecting your tv.?

However this does solve your problem = you want more sources connected to one input port (tv and vinyl player).


If you NL-connect/-lnk a BS Core to your BV Avant, you would have the option of listening to its sources there and in another room as well.

The BS Core could (in the room with your 9000) at the same time be connected via a PL/RJ45 to a 7-pin DIN cable on the Aux-in of the 9000.

The optical input port of the Core might in that room be used for the connection to the Frame-tv.

On the Avant there is an A/V input port, that (with an adapter) could be used for the vinyl player.

Since the sources/connected sources of the Avant also can be activated/heard via the Core (that is what NL-link is about), you will be able to listen to the vinyl player in both rooms (and in the other ML-rooms)

Beware! This is a solution, that would work - but with some drawbacks (the vinyl player must be in the room with the Avant and there might be some delay problems, if you want to listen in all rooms at the same time).

The real thing is to use the NL/ML Converter, which can be found secondhand nowadays!


As for cabling need, ask Steve/SoundsHeavenly.

Send him a mail, describing your wishes (and maybe my suggested solution).



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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Thank you, trackbeo and Millemissen!

I’ll take a look at these options. I’ve been looking for a ML/NL, but there’s not many around.

Any thoughts about what BeoGram to look out for?
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