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Beolab 20 Brass and Bronze edition

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Fansastic Posted: Sat, Jul 25 2020 3:53 PM
Hello all,

I’m a big favourite of the brass and bronze editions of many B&O products. I feel the colours give just that extra special feeling to the devices and make it even more a furniture statement in your interior.

I have the brass with the smoke oak version and it looks stunning to my eyes. Also the bronze with the walnut wood is very good. The Harmony and Eclipse in both colour schemes look just breathtaking.

This got me wondering if there is any change of B&O making the BL20’s in both colours. I’m thinking of upgrading and find it a pity that I need to go for 50’s to companion my Eclipse. They are too big for my room so that is not an option.

Shouldn’t be that hard to complete the colour options:

BL17 in bronze

BL19 with bronze aluminium covers

BL20 with brass and bronze aluminium

Then the complete BL range coffers the 3 basic colour schemes.

Additionally the Balance needs to come in natural and bronze aluminium

I would fancy this extension of the collection a lot and would see me buy even more into the brand!

Are there more people out there who would fancy this?



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andybandy replied on Sun, Jul 26 2020 5:50 PM

You can already order beolab 19 with bronze alu ring.

but you need to Ask your dealer to order the ring extra.

I agree about bl20 in bronze and brass. Should be there..

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