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BeoSound 9000 / TM 71 & error 39

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nanan posted on Fri, Jul 24 2020 10:48 PM

Hi to everyone, 


I have a question for the people that are experienced with BeoSound 9000. When I run TM 71 my unit shuts down near the end (when it's in CD position n°2).

As soon as the sledge tries to leave CD position n°2 the whole unit shuts down and restart. After that I have a SLG error 39 when I run TM 27. Otherwise, my unit is working perfectly. 


My previous BS9000 was doing the exact same thing. I try with the BS9000 of a friend and his does not have this problem, it completes the test by saying "OK". 

My question is the following: Does anyone know why I was not able to complete TM71 ? How can I solve this Sledge error 39 ?


Thanks for sharing your experiences,

Have a good week-end.


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