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Beosound Moment

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srs65 posted on Mon, Jul 6 2020 11:38 PM

Are there any other compatible media servers other than Twonky? Thanks!

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I agree completely. My beosound moment has worked only 9 months without any problem since i bought it in 2016. Only after a complete new software update after complaining more than 2 years and a lot of frustration It worked for 9 months. Now since april this year the tablet doesnt work anymore and i use only my ipads and mobiles to listen to the music. The dealer changed the battery but the tablet keeps flashing and is not useable. If it werent for the beautifull beolabs 18 and 19 which i still find the most elegant speakers in the world i would sell everything and take a 4 times cheaper sonos system. What a waste of money. b&o is nothing more than status and moving gadgets without really adding any new things on the market. They should get a penalty for bringing products n the market which are not useable. Bye bye 2195 euro plus frustration for 3 years. AngryAngry

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If my Moment tablet shows this phenomenon (once or twice a year), I let the battery drain completely, put it back on the Moment and do a reset of the tablet.

Until now it ALWAYS came back to life.

And though I disliked the use and sw at the start, I now use the Moment on a daily base much to my satisfaction.

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Hiort replied on Mon, Sep 7 2020 11:14 AM

I bought the Moment immediately after launch.

I even visited the Moment press launch at CES in Las Vegas Smile

Agree with all posters that Moment was not a good product until the firmware was re-done. After that I really enjoyed Moment and it very much fulfilled the purpose that I had when I initially purchased Moment.

When it was discontinued I got some assurances from people inside B&O that bugfixing and fixes for providing the services running would be provided. That obviously is no longer the case.

I sold my Moment April last year.

I think B&O miss-judged the market demand for such a product. High price, low demand, and crappy software must have created a challenge for the dealers.







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The Moment is prob the biggest disappointment from B&O ever. I tried to talk myself into buying one but it made no sense for the costs alone. when I heard what a software disaster it really was I'm glad I never got it.

I did make a much better alternative though for 1/5 the cost.

Get this Yamaha wxc-50. You can connect almost any B&O speaker to it on the pre-out:

Then use your iPhone or even buy the best iPad money can buy to replicate the Moment. Except you get a system that is much much cheaper and works 10000x better in every way.

There is also software for Mac to control the Yamaha.

Other than it doesn't have wood on one side ;)


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Steph replied on Mon, Sep 7 2020 6:03 PM

Thanks to all for your answers. Moment is definatly not a good idea.

I will keep the BeoSound 5. Very sad that B&O doesn’t have a true audio system anymore.

I know the market wants headphones and wireless speakers but for me, nothing can beat a real stereo hi-fi system 😊

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