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Beolab 11 - opinions for music reproduction?

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BeoFrederic posted on Mon, Jul 6 2020 10:23 PM

A stroke of good luck has delivered back to me a repaired set of BL 8000s Mk I.  They're attached to a BC 9500/BG 3000 combo.  As I remembered, smooth mid-range and nice imaging.  But they do lack bass.

What are the thoughts of this group for adding a BL 11?  From what I've read it has mixed reviews.  Some think it doesn't extend low enough to be glorified with the term 'subwoofer;' others praise it for its musicality.  Others think it lacks punch. 

My use case here will be to listen to stereo music (my surround system is in another room).  I listen to classical, some jazz, 80's alternative, and a lot of Berlin-school electronic music.  There's a lot of low frequency in the latter.

The esthetics of the BL 11 are *very* appealing.  Is that counter-balanced by poor performance?  Your thoughts or experience?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe that if you're using a BeoVision/BeoSystem that the way the BeoVision handles bass management could make a difference. The older version of the technical sound guide has a handy chart at the end the shows how the bass management and re-direction is handles based on the speakers. The latest version of the technical sound guide no longer includes this chart. The chart shows that bass is removed from a BeoLab 4000 or BeoLab 6002 and sent to a BeoLab 11. However, it shows that bass is NOT removed from a BeoLab 8002 for re-direction to a BeoLab 11.

Damir Grgic
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I completely agree on that! It's defintiely the most beautiful subwoofer on the market, and maybe the only one which can be wall-mounted. I have to admit that I became almost a passionate collector of BL11 covers Big Smile

BTW, I am running BL11 hooked to a pair of BL3 and it's an awesome addition to gently "fill" the lower frequency range 


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I bought a beolab 11 to compliment beolab 6000's. There was a noticable difference for sure and an improvement but for the money it was tiny! So was I happy? No, not really.

But i kept it. It is a very cute unit. It is now solely connected to a Beovision 11 to add a little extra and it does do that quite well, but again for the money??? Questionable. 

It's a lot to spend when it still cannot get close to a Beovision 7 with  Beolab 7-2. 

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