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Multichannel listening

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seethroughyou posted on Fri, Jul 3 2020 2:52 PM

I realise this is very niche but a few years ago, I was in a pro audio dealers room filled with mixing desks, converters, old Studers etc etc. The room was setup with multiple studio monitors and connected to a Merging multichannel DAC playing multichannel DSD files. That was the closet that I’d ever got to real music. The echoes, reverberations, colours surrounding me was unbelievable. The 3D direction of sound was convincing, digestible and thrilling. At the time, I  was auditioning all sorts of stuff around the country (exclusively 2-channel) and I decided that moving to natively recorded multichannel to multichannel reproduction might be a step too far and far from home- friendly with speakers everywhere. I opted for the best of Bang & Olufsen BL90 which I must say has not disappointed one bit. I have an exquisite sounding system and am a very lucky boy indeed. However, fast forward and that memory of genuine multichannel has caught up with me.

Has anyone experimented with genuine multichannel or heard it?

i know Geoff mentioned that he had an OPPO capable of doing multichannel and if anyone else had experienced with the multichannel output?

I can’t buy help think that aside from 99.9999 of the population where a mono soundock is the norm, but for those that desire the ultimate experience, this might be the ultimate musical destination?

Can multichannel be done with B&O?




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Sadly, Oppo discontinued and the only odd rare Oppo used turns up at silly money and can’t vouch if it works or not as sold over EBay.
Your time-machine?

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I have a 7.0.0 surround sound system using (2) BL 5, (1) BL 7.4, and (4) BL3.  I have not yet gotten into ATMOS.

I do not use a B & O preamp.  To the best of my knowledge, there is not a B & O system that has an easy setup for accounting for speaker placement and distance from listener.

I advise getting a preamp/processor that has Audyssey or similar means for adjusting the levels and frequency response for the various speakers.  My preamp is old (Integra DHC 80.3).  With this preamp is a microphone with long cord that plugs into the preamp.  Then, through on-screen menus, the user can make some general speaker selections.  Depending on the preamp, there can be one or several microphone locations that the preamp can take measurements from.  I locate the microphone at the top of the seat backs of the chairs.

The preamp will then emit signals to each speaker in turn while measuring the tested speaker's response.  After all testing has been completed, the preamp will adjust frequency response, delay times, and levels for each speaker.

I arranged my speakers as suggested by Dolby Labs.  I also built stands for the smaller speakers so their tweeter heights match the BL5s.  I have an acoustically transparent video screen so even the BL7.4 is at the appropriate height as the BL5.  All three speakers are behind the screen.

For disc players, I recommend getting a "universal" player.  Such a player will play CDs, DVDs, DVD-As, and SACDs.  My player is even more universal in that it will play PAL and NTSC video formats and is region free.

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