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Beo6 Display Issues "No Valid Configuration"

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blanknarrator Posted: Thu, Jun 25 2020 2:14 AM

Hi All!

So, I have two Beo6 remote that I recently started trying to bring back from the "bootloader lock". I have been successful with one of the remotes; but am having a strange issue with the second one. 

When I installed the new battery for the unit; the display lit up to the default configuration, but the display did not react to touch input when trying to select a zone. So I plugged it into my PC to try and reconfigure the device; the upload was almost complete but the WiFi Config would not finish. I placed the unit back on the charger for a while and when I went to try again the unit now displays "No Valid Configuration". However; when I touch the display from any corner the display lights up. I have tried 4 different versions of the config tool; but none have been able to upload a successful configuration. 

After a few days of the same thing I decided to swap out all of the parts from the non working unit to the other one to see if a particular piece could be causing the issue. I found that the display unit was the only component showing any problems.   

I know these units can be a bit troublesome; but thought I'd see if anyone has had a similar experience where the display refuses to accept a config. 

Thank you in advance!


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