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Beomaster 5000 Capacitor kit and restoration

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Reynold1 posted on Thu, Jun 18 2020 5:53 PM

Hello everyone! I’m new here and have a Beomaster 5000 that I am looking to restore. I hooked the unit up as a preliminary test and it does function, but I am all too well aware of the need to replace capacitors and components in older tech. I am looking for a capacitor/DIY restoration kit and didn’t find much info from a google search. Can anyone here point in the right direction? Thanks!

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Craig replied on Sat, Jun 20 2020 7:50 AM


You can download a copy of the service manual here on Beoworld if you upgrade your membership to silver, you will need this. As for replacement capacitors Dillen (our resident oracle of all knowledge B&O) may provide a kit containing all the required parts, not sure if he covers this unit but it is worth asking him first. There are not a lot of caps to replace, however you should look to replace the trimmers as they do oxidize and fall over, check my post below for an idea of whats required.....and post some pictures so we can help out if needed.

Regards Craig

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I have the later Beomaster 5000, I didn't realize there were two versions! I clicked your link and was pretty confused at first! But I opened mine up and have started making capacitor lists and everything to see what I need.

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sonavor replied on Tue, Jun 23 2020 10:42 PM


I got my Beosystem 5000 working back in 2015. Here is the post of that project. It included recapping the Beomaster 5000. Later I restored a Beosystem 5500 which I have ended up using more. Both are nice systems.


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Suggested by gridrunner

I'm about to restore a whole Beomaster 5000 stack. I'm in the position - I'm looking for parts. 

I ordered a cap kit from here : 

A month later though, it still hasn't arrived and their customer support isn't telling me where it went. It is not like I can't afford to lose 50 euros - but I am time poor and I'm worrying I might die of old age before this gets sorted out.

Can anyone else direct me to where I can get a cap kit. I'm also after belts etc........

I would really apprecite some help here.......



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Dillen replied on Thu, Jul 22 2021 6:26 PM

Belts etc. can be found at Beoparts-shop.
Capacitor kits are in the making.

Don't buy kits where low-ESR capacitors are put to work in the output stage. It's asking for self-oscillation.


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