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Beosound Shape Questions

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jonnyhart posted on Tue, Jun 2 2020 9:40 PM


I'm new to the forum & have already found some very useful information, but now I've got a few questions of my own.

First a bit of background- I'm building a house in Finland that will be a part of the annual housing fair- it's quite a big deal here and brands are keen to have their products and materials on show (aside from the show itself, the houses feature on TV, in magazines & newspapers etc) and I have been able to negotiate significant discounts from many suppliers. I spoke to B&O here in July last year and got what I thought was a really good price on a Beosound shape. It was a 12 tile system with 4 speakers for 4000 euros. 

When the time came to order in February, apparently the prices from B&O had changed so it was now 4300- does anyone 'in the know' know if that actually happened between July last year and February this? It wouldn't surprise me, I just want to know where I stand. Anyway, I left it for the time being and now the house is basically finished I went back again.

Now I asked about going to just 2 speakers and sending digital optical straight into the amp, but was told a Beosound Core was necessary for set up and to have the 'band on a wall'. From what I gather from the forum I would need 4 speakers minimum for 'band on the wall' anyway? Which is why I'm starting to question other things...

Eventually I do want the core and another pair of speakers, but because money is tight right now (the build has bled my dry) I was thinking of just getting an 8 tile set-up on the wall and then adding those parts later if and when I can afford to do so. I obviously want to be able to use it wired into my system through the optical 'in' on the amp in the meantime though- is that possible? Can I set that up so it works myself?

The final cost I was quoted of doing it this way for an 8 tile, 4 speaker set up is also more than the original price I was quoted for the 12, which is also annoying me as I've 'lost' 4 dampeners, but I can only blame myself for not taking them up on the offer when it was made. I'm just interested to know if there actually was a price hike of if they are trying to milk me for a few hundred more euros- which they are of course completely entitled to try to do, I'm grateful to get any kind of discount at all.

Anyway, this was a bit of a ramble. Thanks for reading if you got to the end!

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