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Beocom 6000 as bluetooth Handset Mod

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lukaslegros posted on Tue, Jun 2 2020 8:11 AM

Greetings alls, 

Expectation i'm not going to hurt anybody's inclination here ! 

I add the chance to have some Beocom 6000 handsets and parts : 3 handsets, 2 consoles, 2 bases and a free jug opener ! 

One handset just is working with his base, the others appears to have the dead RF chip indications, no comms at all with the base. 

All things considered, with everything taken into account it helped me to do what I bought them for which is to embed a bluetooth handset into it. 

So I purchased a recycled Native Union bluetooth POP handset and start the medical procedure. 

The things got very well: 

- The POP BT Mic fit consummately in the little ribber that keep the become mic set up. 

- I evacuated the BT POP speaker and utilize the first Beocom one therefore forestalling the utilization of any paste or something to fix it. 

- I plan to likewise utilize the ringtones speaker yet didn't attempt it yet. 

- The primary BT POP PCB can be introduced inside such that the principle button (hang in, hang off) remain before the middle wheel button. 

Different catches (Volume +/ - ) are lost. 

- USB attachment is two wire, so they should be an approach to interface it to the first charging pins of the Beocom (to do). 

- Appart from the focal wheel button, whatever else is non-working. The BT POP status LED can be seen through the LCD screen. 

- Two screw gaps are strategically located to make sure about the BT PCB with a little plastic tie. I utilize an o'ring to change the PCB stature so as to not have the catch ceaselessly discouraged. that was the most troublesome part. 

- The frame will require a touch of slicing to give space for the PCB. Nothing troublesome as the plastic is very delicate.

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Guy replied on Tue, Jun 2 2020 1:38 PM

Sounds interesting - needs some photos!

And I presume that you have seen this thread:

And welcome to Beoworld!

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Sounds interesting - needs some photos!

Hi Guy,

It's just a copy/paste of my different post all in one.

Can't see the purpose of thread piracy but at least it gives the subject a new visibility Big Smile

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Can't see the purpose of thread piracy

It’s Spam! There is a link in there somewhere.
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