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Masterlink Fuga wall boxes

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kelsan posted on Sat, May 30 2020 6:18 PM



I just want to know how Masterlink connections are made on the Fuga wall boxes:

Do you attach a connector on the back of the box, do you fit individual wires to fittings or do you have to solder?

I have been looking for pictures or drawings, but can't find any.

Help will be much appreciated!



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Johan replied on Sat, May 30 2020 7:57 PM

Hi Keld, have you considered to use RJ45 wall boxes? I made a Masterlink connection running a CAT7 cable and using a shielded double RJ 45 wall outlet. Busch-Jager in my case. Easy to wire with a punchtool, and because it is double, I could even use it as a splitter (just connecting the left and the right socket). Works well and the advantage is that you probably can get them in the style and colour of the power sockets and light switches in your house.

Here is a thread on how Masterlink cables are terminated with a RJ45 connector

Maybe worthwile to have a look at!

Good luck,


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If this link shows the box you are talking about it looks like the wires push in and are gripped by the V shape slit in the fixing.


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