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BEO Vision 7 - stand and tilt issue

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zainm posted on Fri, May 29 2020 9:11 PM

Dear All,

I am new to B&O and to this forum (but extremely enthusiastic) so please explain in baby steps.

I have recently purchases a B&O Vision 7 - 40 Mk 4 with the 7.2 soundbar and motorized stand. While transporting the TV to my house and resetting it up, it seems that the TV is tilted downward from one side. Also the stand doesn't show up in the menu. I have read some threads that said to restore to factory settings, the problem is I cant find the reset button on the back of the TV!

Would really appreciate if someone can chime in and make my TV straight and motorized again!.




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altist replied on Sat, May 30 2020 11:39 AM

Hi,B&O don't have a quick reset button unfortunately. You will need to remove the mains plug from wall,& then stand connection from the back of the tv and anything else connected. If you can access the tv manual and set up guide that should help you..I don't have that model so can't advise exactly what is needed but I seem to recall that you can get into the service menu to reset Tv to default and start again connecting,then finally connecting to mains and setting up via menus. What ever you do don't try to connect stand with things connected t o the mains as it can cause untold nasties and end up doing damage that may not be repairable. You can find manuals on here if a member or on internet. Good luck.

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