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Can anyone help me with an old BEOGRAM 1700 I'm bringing back to life?

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ayupchap posted on Mon, May 25 2020 9:21 PM

Hey all hope everyone is well

I have decided to bring back to life an old Beogram 1700. It was tossed by someone i know and it seemed like a total crime so I have it and trying to get it back into shape.


Firstly it looked like a disaster, really dirty with all the veneer trims ripped to shreds, it was also wonky and out of place. I couldn't tell if the grime or residue on the top was rust or what but after a few goes with some alcohol I'm glad to say its just caked in grime, that will take some time.

I really know nothing about stereos, I have one and I love music and love the design of this stereo so much but If you were to ask me about Ohms or anything like that I'd look at you very confused. Saying this I have a lot of fun putting things together and can solder a little if given directions. This said, all the machine functions are working, the buttons on the bottom left all work and the turntable turns etc etc, theres a needle but I think its broken as its so bendy, I'll get back to this.


Where I need help - 

1. Look at the from of this poor thing, it looks like it got dropped or something, how do I unscrew this to get it slot this back in correctly?
2. Where can I get replacement veneer? Its 1 inch wide and looks like a type of teak.
3. The Cartridge, Can any of you take a look at this photo of the cartridge, could this ever work again? When I push the stylus its so wobbly, can that be fixed in any way? If not, is it possible to get a cartridge replacement from somewhere for under $100? The stylus needle is easy to push up or down and it stays there, tried to show this is the photos. Is it broken?
Any help much appreciated, this deserves to live again and I want to make it my showpiece.



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Dillen replied on Tue, May 26 2020 7:07 AM

1. From below. Bottom plate off.

2. EBay etc. It's a DIY-job. You can't buy original veneer pieces anywhere to my knowledge.

3. If the coils inside are still good, your cartridge can be rebuilt.
A replacement below 100 US dollars could be difficult when we talk about B&O, but you could get lucky on f.e. Ebay - or unlucky.
The safest thing is usually a rebuild.


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ayupchap replied on Tue, May 26 2020 10:52 PM

Thanks Dillen!


OK so I have now got the front back in place and ordered the veneer, it seems to be exactly 25mm wide so bought some edging for that size.

The cartridge after closer inspection suggests the suspension is broken as the need moves way too much, is there any way to fix that? Maybe I could do it myself somehow?

Also, for the metal of the record player, what is best to use to clean it and get it back to its good self?







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beo3000 replied on Tue, May 26 2020 11:19 PM

best to get the cartridge rebuilt


for the beogrem 1700 its particularly important to replace the belt with a good new one or speed can become erratic

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