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My Beomaster 1100, Beogram 1100 and Beocord 2400

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HarryT posted on Fri, May 22 2020 9:06 PM

My name is Harry and I am 75 yrs old. I first purchased my B&O model Beomaster 1100 and Beogram 1100 around the mid 1970's.

I am a new member and would like to resurrect my B&O equipment listed above. It has been in kind of storage on and off in the house while I have been working overseas for many years at a time.

My question is:- Is it still possible to get parts for these models if required and where can I contact suitable repair shops close to our home in Wigan? to get my equipment repaired and ready to give us so much pleasure again. 

There are one or two minor faults that need to be addressed and each piece of equipment needs a thorough check over to get them up to 100% quality again. I would be grateful for any guidance and advice.

Kind Rgds…...Harry T

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