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Help with repairing a pair of BeoPlay E4 earphones

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8000Kristian posted on Tue, May 19 2020 3:32 PM
Hi BeoWorld.

I found a pair of dirt cheap BeoPlay E4 earphones online, with a broken 3.5mm connector, and thought to myself that it could be a fun project to fix.

My first thought was to cut the cord as close to the broken plug as possible and the solder the individual wires to a 3.5mm cord I had lying around from an old pair of BeoPlay H6 Headphones.

What I hadn’t thought of, was that the BeoPlay H6 cord doesn’t have a microphone. Whistle.

So now my question is, will it be possible to solder the wires from the BeoPlay E4 to the cord from the BeoPlay H6 and get a function pair of earphones (without microphone)?

Or would I be better of sacrificing a pair of Apple EarPods with volume-buttons and microphone? Indifferent

And how about the Noise Cancelation? It would be sad to miss that function.

A young bloke in his early 20's with an expensive hobby..


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