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kilopoise grease.

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Chris posted on Thu, May 14 2020 4:53 AM

Currently trying to speed up the action of both lids on my Beocenter 7700. The programme side used kilopoise grease on the friction plate hinge which is ultra thick and ultra sticky. Will it run smother or quicker if I spray it with a silicone lubricant and work it in? I took the lid off the phono side by removing 2 screws at the back which released tension on the spring. On the inside of the lid, the cover of the spring has 3 screws in the middle. I played around with them a bit and the tension has decreased, I had to re-glue the perspex lid back together as it had come loose over the years and will let it dry overnight.Hopefully that will work. Kilopoise grease isn't available anymore so I am looking at using Nyogel 767 A (which is a heavy duty dampening grease, available in small tube), if i need to reapply any new grease. Anyone else got any ideas?

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Dillen replied on Thu, May 14 2020 9:29 AM

The old grease will have hardened a bit.
Clean off the old grease (contact cleaner is good for dissolving) and add fresh.

Kilopoise grease is certainly available.
It's used more and more since today even toilet-seats are dampened.
(I don' t know the seller).


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Hi Chris, I have a similar issue but the least of my worries. I opened it up has I think the belt has broke which it as, put it back together now I have no volume, any ideas ? Thanks 

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