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BeoVision Eclipse 65" + BL 18/19 OR BeoSound Stage?

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Jensm1996 posted on Sat, May 2 2020 4:00 PM

Hi guys,

I'am about to finish my electricity plan of my new house.. And I'am in such a dilemma.


Today I got a LG tv (75inch, not C9) with the BeoSound Stage (living room is 18 m2, and the Stage does the job perfect)

In my new house, I got 3 options (as I see it..)

Option 1. Keep my setup, BeoSound Stage + The 75 Inch LG tv.

Option 2. Buy a BeoVision Eclipse (which I guess has worse sound that a BeoSound Stage, if you only use the center speaker alone) + a BL19 for some depth.

Option 3. Buy a BeoVision Eclipse + BL 18 + BL 19 (living room is 20,5 m2). I guess this setup would be the best, indeed - But is it an overkill? will the Eclipse + the BL 19 do the job ok alone, compared to the Stage which 110% will do the job?


How much of a difference will I notice, if I just got the pure sound from the Eclipse VS the sound from a Stage? 

And a side question....

The rumors about the Eclipse 2... I gotta fix this setup before September this year, and to be honest I won't make such a big investment and a few weeks later, the new Eclipse gets it release, anyone knows anything about this?...


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If the Eclipse speakers can handle Atmos decoding with the right drivers you might get the same effect as a Stage. I believe the Eclipse is OLED, your 75 inch LG is likely LED since they don’t make a 75 inch OLED, so the Eclipse will give you better sound quality. If it were me, I’d get a 77inch LG OLED and Stage which would look super clean. Or, get the LG panel you want and out the rest (difference in price between Eclipse and the LG panel you buy) on the best B&O speaker system you can buy 🙂

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Hi Jensm1996

what are your or movies (or a mix at which percentage)?

In general, you can’t go wrong with either for that relatively small room!


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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