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I need help. Please tell me where to order the cdm 2/29 parts for beocenter 9000

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unbron posted on Sun, Apr 26 2020 10:25 PM



I need help. Please tell me where to order the cdm 2/29 parts for beocenter 9000


Please tell me the internet address you can buy

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Dillen replied on Mon, Apr 27 2020 7:00 AM

This is your fifth post about the same issue.

I already told you, that you cannot buy a new drive anywhere, and that the solution in the far majority of cases is to replace the capacitors on the CD servo circuitboard.
Readymade kits are available for most servo board versions and to find the correct kit I asked you for the numbers found on the solder side in the corner of the servo board, alternatively a photo of the board.

First I received no answer, and you posted a new thread.
Then I told you again, that in order to help you I need the info I already asked for.

I then received photos of the label on the CD drive, a label that you found somewhere else inside the Beocenter and a photo of the CD drive hub (!).
I started wondering how you would go about doing this repair, if you cannot find the servo board.

I told you where to find the board and then I received photos with the correct information.

I then told you the price of the capacitor kit and the cost of shipping, and I told you that you can use Paypal to pay.

You then found out that my email address was related to a website and asked if this was the site to buy.
It isn't - and I then told you how to use Paypal.

I then heard nothing.
I gave up.

You asked for help, and you are very close to a solution, but you certainly aren't doing a lot to make helping you easy.

These are your posts until now.

One more similar post and I will consider removing you from Beoworld for spamming.


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unbron replied on Mon, Apr 27 2020 11:17 AM

Thank you for your help

But there seems to be a misunderstanding.
Once I received the product delivery site, I sent an e-mail once more.

The reason is that I didn't know about the product and requested additional product photos.

I have difficulty because I don't understand English well.

I am frustrated too.

At first, I looked up on the Internet and asked for a board problem.

The repair company posted a post about cdm 2/29 just because cdm 2/29 has reached its end of life.

That's why I kept writing because I didn't have an answer to send and receive mail with you.

I hope not to misunderstand

Lastly, I say again that I know and appreciate your help.

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