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beovision 7 40 suround sound setup

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weejoe posted on Fri, Apr 3 2020 11:49 PM



I have a beovision 7 40 and with a 7.4 centre speaker and beolab 6000 for fronts.


I also have a beo center 9500 and some passive speakers I was looking to see if I could use rca plugs to make this work the rear speaker signals for right and left are 7 pin plugs. can I use 7 pin to single rca and then a rca adapter to the aux in on the beo centre?

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I think it is doable but you need to check with the specialist on cables Steve at Sounds Heavenly.


He will for sure help you and provide you woth the right cables for your setup.



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stefan replied on Sat, Apr 4 2020 11:09 AM

I don`t think this will work.

BV7-40 must be configured to 5.1 setup. To configure Powerlink sockets, it is necessary, that the BV7 will detect a Powerlink product connected to the socket (Beolab speaker or Beo amplifier like MCL2P).

The simple way would be, masterlink your BC 9500 and BV7-40, connect an MCL2P to BV7-40 PL output, connect your passive speakers to MCL2P, set your BC9500 to A.OPT 0, set your BV7-40 to V.OPT 2 - that`s it.

You will need a Beolink converter 1611, an 7pin Audio Aux Link cable, a Masterlink cable, an MCL2P amp - available cheap second life..

Now you have the `classic`0-2 AV setup. When listening to BC9500, the BL6000s will automatically activated (stereo), when watching TVV you can activate BL6000 + center (BL7.4) or all 5 speakers (SPEAKER mode 5).

And you can add a sub like BL2/11.

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Buy Beolabs for the rear instead.

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